Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Orange is the new Pink!

These days orange colour has become my new obsession. I guess it’s the same with everyone. I did not realise when my orange collection grew reasonably bigger. And I really adore my little orange things!

It is not just about orange colour. You can pop up any bright colour in your single tone outfit especially when it is completely black or completely white. Gold and Rose Gold go a lot with shades of orange when it comes to your accessories. It kind of blends with the metal chains you are wearing. Since yellow doesn’t make me look brighter I avoid bright yellows.

My Birthday Pic

1.  Lipstick:

This is not very bright orange shade which is little difficult to carry on Indian skin unless you are quite fair. So I better opted for chalky orange tone which I finally found after multiple swatch tests at different brands.

  • Brand: INGLOT
  • Shade: 401
  • Price: 990 INR

2.  Eye Shadow/Blush:
Basically it’s an eye shadow aka colour tattoo from Maybelline. This is the only bright colour amongst other colours Maybelline has come out with. And the best part, there is no shimmer in it. When I bought this I thought It would be okay even if there’s a shimmer in it. I was happy to have this citrusy shade with this price tag at least to check out whether it suits me or not over my eyelids and especially on cheeks. I was more interested to use it as a blush. Gradually I realised there is no shimmer in it! Yay!! Their sample was shimmery because they must have used is hundreds of times as a tester. But that’s also a fact that it is not completely matte. There is a bit of sheen in it and it is as good as nothing. And I am quite happy with the shade! It’s my super favourite shade as of now. It’s quite cakey so takes a little time blend over your cheeks if you are intending to use it as a blush. I use it both on my eye lids and cheeks and it looks just perfect.

  • Brand: Maybelline
  • Shade: 10 fierce & tangy
  • Price: 350 INR

3.  Earrings:
Its a metal ring with a coral rose stuck over it. I got it from one of the exhibitions which are usually held at city five star hotels.

  • Price: 175 INR

4.  Watch:
I liked the blend of Rose Gold dial and orange belt with a hint of diamonds. Though it might not be that funky but I quite like such simple womanly watches.

  • Brand: Prem Sons, Mumbai
  • Price: 450 INR

5.  Bracelet:
This is again with the combination of Rose Gold and Juicy Orange. Little trinkets hanging at the end makes it more girly and fun. I bought it to sum it up with my orange watch so that the combo looks bit of unusual yet fabulous.

  • Brand: Exhibitions held at Chandralok, Mumbai
  • Price: 350 Rs.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

5 Fixes Before You Enter Your Twenties

Love, the essence of a perfect fairy tale life, comes in many forms, but as we know, from a select few. Doting parents would do anything for their daughters and the generosity exceeds the norms, when in their minds they are ready to let their little ones off on their own journeys towards a 'happily married life', per se. Here in lies the greatest contradiction, as in the minds of the daughters, this is the happiest time to be with the doting parents, and a little bit too soon to be sent off to distant lands in the company of perfect strangers.
Confusions galore, and sanity gives way to utter helplessness with the thought of being uprooted, from the wonderful, cosy environs of a beautiful home, which you called your own since time immemorial.

But today, it might all change, if certain things are made priorities in our lives before we set out in this world to sail. I will call them the FIVE FIXES

1. Discover Your Career

Only your career, is your best friend forever.  It turns out to be your soul mate when you hit the right one. In the thick and thins of life your work will always keep your spirit up! It will help you progress with the sense of success at every tiny phase of your life. Being increasingly self-sufficient and self-confident are the benefits not to overlook. Don't misinterpret this with the piles of books you bone up at late nights over a cup of coffee, relate yourself with your curiosity. Something you effortlessly enjoy! Most of the times we find out the right career after conquering the wrong one. But, What matters is: Finding out!! Once you figure out your where your knack is, don't hesitate to follow it at any point of your precious time. Remember, it's better late than never. It's like a warm bath when you get involved where your heart lies. 

2. Parents As Friends !!!

A bond between a daughter and parents take deeper roots when they part their ways. Only few manage to nourish the sprouts of their relationship before the time slips. Probably, We are not one of those. Our parents are so close to our heart that we forget to express ourselves in front of them. We start living in a bubble that they see the world through our eyes. We don't realise when those colliding thoughts gradually take that connection away. So if you are not a dotting daddy's daughter, then make your mommy your bestest friend.  Let her know your innermost feelings and she won't forget to support your side ever in your life. 

3. Married, Now or Never?

Marriage brings along all the luxuries of life, that your parents saved for your dear time. Just in a blink everything tends to change. It makes you responsible for many things in life that you never knew existed! There might be no ideal house in the world that can keep you happy, but there is always a solution. The only survival is your clear mind. Gently express your idea of a 'happy married life' to the person most concerned. Let everyone know how do you wish this whole thing to be, before you decide to leave your native for the beautiful journey. And if you really fail to decide, delay it for the right time.

4. Become Self-sufficient:

Nothing in the world makes you more proud than getting rewards for your abilities. When you start putting in efforts for your desired rewards, your childlike charm converts into a womanly stance. Now that you know you 'earn' you start walking more confidently  in the crowd. It helps you live the life of purpose. At the same time it gives your name and pretty face an identity. It shapes up a base for your career in a way that it becomes easy for you to continue the same at anytime in future. 

5. Live Alone on Your Own

Living alone at an early age solves all the mysteries of life for the future. It teaches you what it takes to run the house and do hundred other activities at the same time. When you start dealing with others apart from your family you start becoming bold and brave. Ways to live alone could be any: whether you are practising your degree professionally or it is just an internship.  Step out of your comfort zone and get yourself beautifully moulded for the lifetime. I believe, I need not to point out the fun part of living far away from your family. Make sure you are amongst those pretty good girls!! :) 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to Bring Back The Spark in Your Life

This isn't about spicing up your relationship with others!! This is about being your cool self, for your own self. It’s so easy getting used to our life with all the inherent shortcomings and the only response we seem to get out of ourselves is: 'Poor Me!'.
Here I shall share some funtastic ways to make you fall in love with your innermost self once again. What matters is to walk out of your shell keeping your head held high, and that pretty Nose pointing in the right direction.
1. Eat Light to Fit in That Fab Dress

Remember mom saying, Think before you speak!! I say, Think before you Eat!!!
I know that feel when we try slipping into our favourite silhouette dress right after a meal followed by that devilishly enticing scoop of ice-cream.
And Sometimes realisation comes too late when that yummy packet of potato chips disappears in our tummy while surfing those soaps on TV.
The remorse thereafter makes us give up on our constructive ideas even for the next day !!  Forgetting that every single minute counts, when we actually want to fulfil our dreams. So, as all good children are taught, share that food. In the books of Diet: Charity begins at home(dining-table) girls !
2. Passion for a Standing Ovation

It's not just about letting everyone one know how good we were at the school sports and the painting competitions we topped.
It's not even about people wondering at the social dos, which salon does this lass go to for her makeup, when in reality you effortlessly did it on your own.
But it's about being a grown up woman to find out and pursue our passion. All we need to do is engross ourselves fully into our passion. Not all of us may get our soul-mates but we shall always have a role that feeds our soul. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Dollars & Pounds will naturally follow sweethearts.
3. All you got to Do: A finger Tap and A Handshake

It makes more sense to flaunt your svelte side when you are in touch with former flames of your time, igniting old passions within. Stock up photos on social media of tiny efforts you make every day to follow your passion. Let people whisper and go wow over it ! Comments like 'Ah! So beautiful honey' will make you helpless to follow a rigorous health-beauty regime to resemble your wowsome-awesome image that you posted, when you personally meet your gang.
4. Sweat and You are all Set

When your lovely legs are at haste and heartbeat loses its pace while you exercise, your brain correlates this as if you are fighting the enemy. So, to protect itself the body releases a chemical called 'endorphins' to fight stress. This is the reason why you rapidly feel positive after exercise and have a clear mind. It blocks pain momentarily giving an instant momentum towards your potential.
To calm your clear mind for the day you must meditate to retreat yourself. Meditation is the perfect balm for the mind & the soul.
5. That was Lame-Change the Game

Make sure you don't stick to a same pattern of dressing and hair style for months and years. Break the monotony by serene changes in your looks. A good hair-cut and perky outfit can bluntly take some 5-6 years off from your age. You get more self-assured when you feel youthful and energetic inside. It gets you exactly there, where you can walk with your head held high, and that pretty Nose pointing in the right direction, it's a Promise !