Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to Bring Back The Spark in Your Life

This isn't about spicing up your relationship with others!! This is about being your cool self, for your own self. It’s so easy getting used to our life with all the inherent shortcomings and the only response we seem to get out of ourselves is: 'Poor Me!'.
Here I shall share some funtastic ways to make you fall in love with your innermost self once again. What matters is to walk out of your shell keeping your head held high, and that pretty Nose pointing in the right direction.
1. Eat Light to Fit in That Fab Dress

Remember mom saying, Think before you speak!! I say, Think before you Eat!!!
I know that feel when we try slipping into our favourite silhouette dress right after a meal followed by that devilishly enticing scoop of ice-cream.
And Sometimes realisation comes too late when that yummy packet of potato chips disappears in our tummy while surfing those soaps on TV.
The remorse thereafter makes us give up on our constructive ideas even for the next day !!  Forgetting that every single minute counts, when we actually want to fulfil our dreams. So, as all good children are taught, share that food. In the books of Diet: Charity begins at home(dining-table) girls !
2. Passion for a Standing Ovation

It's not just about letting everyone one know how good we were at the school sports and the painting competitions we topped.
It's not even about people wondering at the social dos, which salon does this lass go to for her makeup, when in reality you effortlessly did it on your own.
But it's about being a grown up woman to find out and pursue our passion. All we need to do is engross ourselves fully into our passion. Not all of us may get our soul-mates but we shall always have a role that feeds our soul. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Dollars & Pounds will naturally follow sweethearts.
3. All you got to Do: A finger Tap and A Handshake

It makes more sense to flaunt your svelte side when you are in touch with former flames of your time, igniting old passions within. Stock up photos on social media of tiny efforts you make every day to follow your passion. Let people whisper and go wow over it ! Comments like 'Ah! So beautiful honey' will make you helpless to follow a rigorous health-beauty regime to resemble your wowsome-awesome image that you posted, when you personally meet your gang.
4. Sweat and You are all Set

When your lovely legs are at haste and heartbeat loses its pace while you exercise, your brain correlates this as if you are fighting the enemy. So, to protect itself the body releases a chemical called 'endorphins' to fight stress. This is the reason why you rapidly feel positive after exercise and have a clear mind. It blocks pain momentarily giving an instant momentum towards your potential.
To calm your clear mind for the day you must meditate to retreat yourself. Meditation is the perfect balm for the mind & the soul.
5. That was Lame-Change the Game

Make sure you don't stick to a same pattern of dressing and hair style for months and years. Break the monotony by serene changes in your looks. A good hair-cut and perky outfit can bluntly take some 5-6 years off from your age. You get more self-assured when you feel youthful and energetic inside. It gets you exactly there, where you can walk with your head held high, and that pretty Nose pointing in the right direction, it's a Promise !


  1. great post! i loved your clicks as well! specially the last one!

  2. good going sonal :) similar things of interest !!

    1. Thanks Aditi! That sounds fun. Where are you from?

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