Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Orange is the new Pink!

These days orange colour has become my new obsession. I guess it’s the same with everyone. I did not realise when my orange collection grew reasonably bigger. And I really adore my little orange things!

It is not just about orange colour. You can pop up any bright colour in your single tone outfit especially when it is completely black or completely white. Gold and Rose Gold go a lot with shades of orange when it comes to your accessories. It kind of blends with the metal chains you are wearing. Since yellow doesn’t make me look brighter I avoid bright yellows.

My Birthday Pic

1.  Lipstick:

This is not very bright orange shade which is little difficult to carry on Indian skin unless you are quite fair. So I better opted for chalky orange tone which I finally found after multiple swatch tests at different brands.

  • Brand: INGLOT
  • Shade: 401
  • Price: 990 INR

2.  Eye Shadow/Blush:
Basically it’s an eye shadow aka colour tattoo from Maybelline. This is the only bright colour amongst other colours Maybelline has come out with. And the best part, there is no shimmer in it. When I bought this I thought It would be okay even if there’s a shimmer in it. I was happy to have this citrusy shade with this price tag at least to check out whether it suits me or not over my eyelids and especially on cheeks. I was more interested to use it as a blush. Gradually I realised there is no shimmer in it! Yay!! Their sample was shimmery because they must have used is hundreds of times as a tester. But that’s also a fact that it is not completely matte. There is a bit of sheen in it and it is as good as nothing. And I am quite happy with the shade! It’s my super favourite shade as of now. It’s quite cakey so takes a little time blend over your cheeks if you are intending to use it as a blush. I use it both on my eye lids and cheeks and it looks just perfect.

  • Brand: Maybelline
  • Shade: 10 fierce & tangy
  • Price: 350 INR

3.  Earrings:
Its a metal ring with a coral rose stuck over it. I got it from one of the exhibitions which are usually held at city five star hotels.

  • Price: 175 INR

4.  Watch:
I liked the blend of Rose Gold dial and orange belt with a hint of diamonds. Though it might not be that funky but I quite like such simple womanly watches.

  • Brand: Prem Sons, Mumbai
  • Price: 450 INR

5.  Bracelet:
This is again with the combination of Rose Gold and Juicy Orange. Little trinkets hanging at the end makes it more girly and fun. I bought it to sum it up with my orange watch so that the combo looks bit of unusual yet fabulous.

  • Brand: Exhibitions held at Chandralok, Mumbai
  • Price: 350 Rs.


  1. nice post, gorgeous pics :)